3 Common Houseplants and Their Benefits – Are They Pet-friendly?

Whether it is about reducing stress or cleansing the air, houseplants can be pretty useful. They are a great addition to the home. Working with indoor plants can be therapeutic. Also, they can boost your productivity.

On the other hand, toxic houseplants can be hazardous for both children and pets. So, it is important that you know the dangers of certain plants before bringing them home. Hence this blog is to help you understand the benefits as well as dangers associated with certain indoor plants.

Below is a list of common houseplants that ensure better air quality at home.

Homeowners who want to add rustic charm to their old houses will surely love this plant. English Ivy is known to absorb mold in the air and thus, helps in purifying the air. This plant can be kept in the bright sunlight. Also, dry soil is suitable for this plant.

English Ivy Benefits

It improves the air quality and makes homes look beautiful.

Is English Ivy Safe for Pets?

This houseplant is mildly poisonous. It is toxic to pets like dogs and cats.

Here is a great plant for homeowners who are looking for indoor plants for cleaning the air. Peace lily can break down compounds like formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and benzene in the air. This plant thrives well in indirect sunlight. Also, it requires proper care.

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Peace Lily Benefits

Like the previous one, peace lily also improves the air quality. They look fantastic and thus, can add aesthetic value to your lovely house.

Are Peace Lilies Safe for Pets?

No, peace lilies are not safe for cats and dogs. They can cause a burning sensation if a cat eats them. Peace lily toxicity in animals, including dogs, can manifest the following symptoms – inflammation, throat, muzzle and mouth irritation, vomiting, diarrhea etc.

3. Snake Plant

The best part about snake plants is that they can absorb carbon dioxide and convert it into oxygen. Homeowners can place this plant almost anywhere, especially in bedrooms, to improve the air quality.

Snake Plant Benefits

This plant can remove toxic pollutants and thus, help in improving the air quality. It can also boost your mental health and be an excellent option for reducing stress.

Are Snake Plants Safe for Pets?

The snake plant, a widely popular houseplant, is toxic to cats and dogs. It contains saponin, a toxic chemical that can cause harm to pets.

The list does not end here. Apart from the mentioned, there are several other houseplants available, and some of them include orchids, hydrangeas, rubber plants, azaleas & more. With proper sunlight, careful watering and the right fertilizer, these indoor plants can grow rapidly. But grooming houseplants can be time-consuming. Also, there is no guarantee of expectedresults.

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