Delivery Information

On orders placed before 1PM on Monday - Friday, we are generally able to deliver the same day, however we cannot guarantee a certain time. Orders placed on Saturday prior to 11AM can be delivered same day.

If you have special requests, such as a time sensitive funeral delivery, Sunday delivery or need a delivery on a date we are unavailable, please call us at (984) 250-7771

Due to holiday order volume on specific holidays, same day delivery may be unavailable or pre-orders may be required to ensure delivery on the correct date.

Our standard delivery hours are between 9AM-7PM, during holiday, this time may be extended. We are unable to guarantee specific times on orders placed on our website, however we always take special care to ensure delivery times are met for funeral & business deliveries.

If the recipient is not home, we will find a safe location to leave the flowers outdoors. We will make attempts to contact the recipient and the sender, if necessary, in order to clarify how to deliver your flowers safely.

If this is not possible they will be returned to the studio and redelivery will be attempted the next day.

Any additional delivery attempts may be chargeable.

While we take deliveries to hospitals, nursing homes, care facilities & retirement homes— our staff will not go beyond the front desk and delivery will be left with front desk, receptionist or visitor check-in desk for the patient, resident or nursing staff to take to the room.