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Lavender Love

Lavender Love

Clayton Florist: The Florist At Plantation

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Welcome to Clayton Florist: The Florist at Plantation featuring Lavender Love, an exquisite flower arrangement that combines shades of red, pops of lavender and lush greenery to create a stunning display of love and passion. This arrangement features a beautiful combination of red roses, miniature lavender roses, eucalyptus and hypericum, expertly arranged to create a romantic and charming look.

The deep red of the roses is complemented by the soft and delicate shades of lavender, adding a touch of sweetness and femininity to the arrangement. The eucalyptus leaves add a refreshing scent and a pop of greenery that perfectly balances out the bold red and soft lavender blooms. The hypericum berries add texture and dimension, giving the arrangement a unique and sophisticated look.

Lavender Love is perfect for expressing your love and affection, whether it's for a special occasion or just because. This stunning arrangement is sure to impress and delight your loved one, and is the perfect gift for those who appreciate the beauty of nature and the power of love.

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